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Hi, I'm Brandie! Wife of James, remodeling contractor, and mother of William and Maggie, 15 and 16, the best kids a mom could ask for. I'm a design junkie. I can't remember ever being anything different. As a little girl, my mom and I would sneak into old, abandoned homes and talk about how we'd fix them up. That sparked my love for design and it's been burning hot ever since. I collected Sears and Jim Walter Homes catalogs and would figure out how much it would cost me for the perfect house filled with all the perfect things. I still fall asleep redesigning homes in my head and it's all I daydream about when I'm awake. I've fashioned my own home into something I love and I am obsessed with extending that same passion to others' homes!

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Our Services

  • A design first date, if you will. I'll get to know you and your space.

  • It's all you from here! You've got this!

  • Choosing the perfect color can be tough. We can help.

  • Designer management of entire project

  • Our Best Value!

  • Want a great photo wall, but don't know where to begin? We can help!

  • Let's get those photos on your wall!

  • A 2D Rendering furniture layout plan and/or interior restructuring

    $4 per square foot

Recent Projects

House on Hill

A Well-Traveled Wall

A gallery wall for a well-traveled, colorful family of four

A Backyard Retreat

A Backyard for Living

Modern Masculine Farmhouse Kitchen

The Heart of Our Home

A Fresh Start

Good Design Gives a Home New Life

A Master Retreat

A New Bedroom For a Deserving Couple


Let's Work Together

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