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Modern Masculine Farmhouse Kitchen


Alexandria, LA


Nikki Bardwell




Welcome to the Crain kitchen! The original plans for this room included having only the island and one wall of cabinetry, with a dining space encompassing the right of the space, just like the original footprint. A few days before we started building the space back, I changed my mind, which is par for the course for me! I decided to expand the kitchen to fill the entire space, with two walls of cabinetry instead of one. I don't regret it one bit! The kitchen feels spacious and inviting, with plenty of storage. I opted for open shelves adorning the walls of subway tile, looking for a coffee shop vibe and a place to display the pretty dishes I've collected through the years. The wood Pottery Barn shelves bring warmth to the space and counteract the black and white, which would otherwise feel stark and too modern on its own. Black grout and cabinetry on the island constrasting all of the white allow for a masculine vibe that is important to our home. We later added the banquet area in the bump out, which finished the space in the most lovely way possible and warrants a post all its own! They say the kitchen is the heart of the home and that is certainly true for ours. My love language is Acts of Service and I do that a lot through food. I am beyond grateful to have such a comfortable, beautiful space to cook up all that love! 

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