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House on Hill

When my cousin and his wife, my dearest friend, who double as my neighbors, enlisted my help for their newest investment property, a little craftsman-esque cottage in the Garden District of Alexandria that would be transformed into a vacation rental, I got butterflies. The floors were glorious original wood and the walls and ceilings were riddled with crumbling wallpaper preserving the original beadboard and shiplap. My friends, that is all it takes for me to become the absolute most excited I could ever possibly be about a house. The character built by shiplap and wood floors is unmatched. Anyone else start drooling when you see these before pics or is that just me?

It's like a shiplap Christmas gift wrapped in old wallpaper just waiting to be unwrapped! And boy did it WOW once unwrapped! Everything was cleaned up, a couple of the original light fixtures were carefully put away to be reused, and we got moving on the design plan! White walls were a must for brightening things up and we opted to keep the ceilings wood because it was just too painful to think about changing them. To me, they are the crowning jewel of the place. We went with a more masculine vibe, incorporating new things with vintage pieces (some that came with the house) to create a cozy space to be enjoyed by guests for many years to come without going out of style! Let's take it room by room, shall we?

Living Room

Contrast was the name of the game in here. I love the mix of cream & gray & brown & brown& green, but also the mix of textures, such as leather and velvet. Pattern came in via the rug and pillows and I love all of the seating options and the pull-out couch that gives another couple heads a place to rest.

The result is a space riddled with light and character and more eye candy than I can even stand.

Dining Room

This is one of the simplest spaces in the home, which is perfect because it is a pass-through into the kitchen and the bedroom wing. A vintage round table allows for easy access and modern black chairs bring so much style. Paired with the vintage pendant and artwork and gallery wall of the home's original wallpaper, it's the sweetest room for a meal, game time, or even some work on the laptop.

The little details and pops of green in this space elevate it, while still maintaining its welcoming nature.


Gosh, I love this space. Small but mighty, as they say. The green continues into this room in a lighter version and I'm obsessed with the open shelves holding sweet treasures above the fun gold faucet.

Peep the pic of the original house with the old car! Touches like that are what take a home (or vacation rental!) over the top. Speaking of special touches...


This passageway to the bedrooms and baths has the sweetest beadboard walls filled with framed momentos from the home's history, found in the attic.

Hallways are the best spot for sentimental treasures and these are sure to give guests a thrill!


I love the vibe in here. A black and white room will always feel cool and is sure to wow. I love the black hex tiles and the white subway that reaches up to the gorgeous wood ceilings. The towel cubbies are a fun touch and I am here for the sweet little vanity.

I love the classic touches in this bathroom. It's a vibe.

Bedroom One

Well, this room is my favorite. Maybe it's the wallpaper. OK it's definitely the wallpaper. It's a little touch of whimsy and feminine and I'm here for it. This room packs a big punch with a comfy bed, a space to write or work (peep the adorable guest book) and a beautiful dresser and nightstands with antique books and other fun accents. My fav are the little spectacles.

Maybe the bay window is my favorite part. I could never choose.

Bedroom Two

This cutie is a more masculine space filled with just the essentials and a sense of cozy that can't be denied.

I love all the natural light in this room and the way the gray bedding gives even more life to the wood elements.

What a house, right?!

To book her:

Big thanks to Nikki Bardwell for the FAB pics of this jewel.

I love it here.

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