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A Fresh Start

When I first met Jamie, it was to freshen up her living room at her old home, where she lived with her mom, who was ill. Tragically, she lost her mom shortly after and we never finished the project, except to stage it, as Jamie decided it was time for a fresh start. She was ready to move into another home she currently owned and was renting out, so we set out to make it a home that was all her own.

The befores show just how drab it was, screaming for a little color and a whole lot of good design!

And so, with Jamie's input, I set out to work my magic on this little gem of a home! In the kitchen, we added to the upper cabinetry so that they met the ceiling--a design trick that makes a room look bigger and more custom and adds storage. Another little hack was to extend the countertop on the island to make it a little bigger without adding cabinetry. We debated a lot on the color of the cabinets and if we should do the lowers and uppers the same color or the lowers and the island the same and, in the end, decided on the latter. This tactic results in making the room feel grounded. Jamie really wanted LVP for her flooring in the spaces without real wood and we didn't want to do wood-look vinyl because it would clash with the original floors in the living room and bedroom. Finally we found a tile that we both agreed looked great and would modernize the space but still jive with the original wood. New quartz countertops in a bright white with some gray veining and a white backsplash (so as not to compete with anything else!), lighting, hardware, and barstools round out the space and the result is a modern kitchen grounded in contrast and character.

The kitchen also houses a small dining area and entry space. I think we managed to make those designs cohesive, but still with their own brand of pizazz.

Next we tackled the living room. Jamie found the amazing sectional at a store in Lafayette and I had found the white TV cabinet and gray rug for her previous home, so those were our grounding pieces. Jamie really wanted to incorporate green velvet chairs, but we eventually decided to put the green velvet on the drapes and pillows (a little less permanent!) and got these gorgeous gray swivel barrel chairs instead. The little arch-top black cabinet adds extra storage and contrast. There is so much good texture and pattern in this room. The rattan from the kitchen is echoed here in the artwork and coffee table and the pattern on the throw pillows adds a touch of modern bohemian, which fits Jamie to a T! Sweet end tables and lamps and lots of plants put the finishing touches on this room, which is my favorite in the house!

The bathroom got much of the same treatment as the kitchen: The dark gray lowers and bright white uppers and walls, the extending upward of the cabinetry, the black fixtures and quartz. The sweet little shelves and striped curtain add in a little texture and make the space its own.

Finally, the bedroom needed to be a little something all its own. This sweet homeowner needed a retreat--a place that felt cozy and inviting. We decided on a calming green for the walls and trim throughout, a trick that makes a room feel like it just wraps you up when you enter it. New nightstands (my favorite find of the whole project!) compliment her new bed so well and tone down the farmhouse vibe just a tad. Stone lamps in a dark gray, along with new throw pillows, pair beautifully with the white and green in the rest of the space and all come together to create the retreat Jamie needs and deserves.

I love this home. It feels vastly different from when we started. It was cold and uninviting and now is warm and filled with character and personality. Working with Jamie was an absolute pleasure. She's not afraid to speak up and she takes ownership of the design process, takes some risks, and trusts my design eye, making the process easy and fun. I'd say I'll miss her, but we actually have another project up our sleeves! There's one more room in the house she was going to use as an office, but has decided to turn it into an epic closet/laundry space instead. I'm excited about it! Stay tuned!!

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