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Hi there!

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

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I’m Brandie, Lead Designer and Founder of Brandie Crain Interior Design.

I spent my free time as a young girl looking through decorating magazines and books, old houses, and Sears’ catalogs, imagining spaces and making product lists. To this day, I seem to always go to sleep designing recent homes I’ve seen. I wake up with the same thoughts in my head. My obsession with all things homes stems from a deep-seeded belief that our primal need for safety can be met with a beautiful space to dwell in each day. When this need is met, peace abounds. I want to help everyone find this peace through design. I believe there is a design solution for all budgets and all personalities. I love showing others the possibilities and potential in their space and bring that potential to life.

This love has led me to recently work toward my diploma in Interior Design. The course through the Interior Design Institute provided me with the technical knowledge and creative outlets I needed to take my design business to the next level and it has shown me how great my obsession with and love for peaceful, beautiful interiors truly is.

As I attract more and more design jobs, I am reminded each day of how lucky I am to be able to share my love with others. I specialize in mixing design styles. I have an equal appreciation for both traditional and modern spaces and blend the two well. I don’t like trends—I believe that we should invest in our homes by tying in classic finishes that will still look great in 100 years. I believe that function is everything, but that function can also be beautiful. I love comfortable spaces that tell your story. When you need some help writing that story, I’m your girl.

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